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Say whatever else you will about her, Sami can definitely choose a wedding dress: Of course, nothing so complimentary could be said of blanket-wearing Hope, Kayla of the camp military or Kate of the WTF? Caps courtesy Days2 and NBC. Advertisements

The next in our series of wedding posts is, of course, Samantha Gene Brady Reed Walker (hey, she did actually manage to get married a couple of times before) who has finally, finally, added Roberts to her name. This wedding was so heavily promoted and product-placed that I actually never had a second of doubt […]

Carly Jacks


Now that everyone has dealt with the fact that they did indeed kill off Alan Quartermaine (in a manner of speaking), and that there was obviously no reason for it, the most common search queries that bring people to this site have returned to their normal balance. That is: 1. “Julie Pinson pregnant”. Answer: still […]