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Bob Guza has horns and a tail, right? And Ken Corday automatically cowers whenever anyone approaches? And thankfully we don’t have to worry about McTavish or Reilly anymore. The reason I ask is that I’m coincidentally going to be in New York and LA next month at the same time as the Daytime Emmy Awards* […]

Aside from the opposites attract, boy meets girl, boy fights with girl, boy gets girl, boy loses her again and marries her a few times romance, is there any more classic soap story than that of confused paternity? The Who’s the Daddy? story is about as classic as is gets. Drama, suspense, perhaps romance, longing […]

Warning: there are some minor, already covered in the press, general General Hospital spoilers in this post. Farewell Dr Alan Quartermaine. I first met you in the period after you had tried to drop a house on your wife Monica (and I’m sorry I missed that) and were squiring your pregnant mistress Susan Moore around […]

I really, truly want to know what Sharon Case did to the Y&R wardrobe department, because no character is as consistently badly dressed as Sharon Newman. After the floral nightmare, then there was the cute red jacket worn inexplicably off one shoulder with no bra, followed by the down home checked shirt, matron jacket, teased […]

Now, this is a little behind the times, and you may have noticed that I’m crap at generating my own screencaps, but I simply couldn’t let this past. What the hell are they doing to the Sharons (real and created)? This dress was bad enough from the hips up. And then I saw it full […]

I’m back from The Orient (verdict: hot, humid, hell on the hair but good fun, great shopping and even better food); friend successfully rescued, all legs intact and no extra baggage by way of cute deaf children or anyone else likely to wind up related to half the town brought home. I have just begun […]

I could go into a lengthy essay, but really I think today’s Y&R can be summed up simply: Peter Bergman and Michelle Stafford rock. Oh yes, and if I had any respect at all left for the Emmys (which I don’t), Best Actor this (next) year would be a Peter Bergman-Tony Geary cage match and […]