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I think I’ll save my God, They’ve Killed Another Quartermaine rant for later in the weekend. To give them credit, I guess the powers that be do realise that there’s nothing like killing a legacy character for no good reason to bring out the quality emotional performances in everyone else (even a character for whom […]

Say whatever else you will about her, Sami can definitely choose a wedding dress: Of course, nothing so complimentary could be said of blanket-wearing Hope, Kayla of the camp military or Kate of the WTF? Caps courtesy Days2 and NBC.

Warning: I will change tenses and perspectives several times in this post.  But I wrote it over several days and have had several wines and can’t be bothered fixing it now. Days really is in the mood for wrapping stuff up, isn’t it? First Pocket, now the sweet but stupidly named boys. Suddenly it’s all […]

The Most Important Part of GH Sweeps: The Dress Review (pre-blood) Overall, I think they did a pretty good job in that there was nothing there that made me scrunch up my nose in distaste. I did have a few issues, naturally, otherwise this would be a very short post, but overall a pretty good […]

10 seconds in to GH sweeps event and already I have a question. If Wyndemere/Spoon Island looks like this pile of rocks and bricks, where is the room for the flowery meadows of cancer collapses, the enchanted forest and the stables of sex and skulduggery? I’ll get to the full fashion critique when I have […]

Sami has the babies (finally)! The babies probably have two fathers (unsurprisingly)! Belle cheats (stupidly in the house she shares with her fiancé and three quarters of his family)! Flesh (fleshy)! Belle gets caught by her almost mother in law (hilariously)! Belle’s Princess Crown cracks (even more hilariously)! Shawn and Phillip have a pissing match […]

There were some good things about General Hospital last week. 1. The colour red: 2. Skye’s outfit (and the general sense they got a new curling iron in the hair department last week): 3. Emily and Nikolas’s continued attitude to the Lucky/Elizabeth divorce. You know, the rational, sensible, non-judgemental attitude. It’s refreshing. 4. Lucky telling […]