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Time to Move


The time has finally come. A mere six months after getting my own domain, I’m finally ready to move the site. So it’s time to update your feeds and links and head on over to (or, if you prefer, I’ve switched over to typepad which I’ve used for my personal blog for years […]



One of my major soap pet peeves? The final scene reshoot. The start of the episodes of both Days and GH on Monday did it, and combined to force me into print on the subject. Phillip comes to visit Belle and Claire in hospital and offer to take them home and for ice cream and […]

Things have definitely evolved on the WGA strike front when it comes to soaps over the last week. It seemed when the strike was called that there were unlikely to be scabs and unlikely to be reruns and more likely there would be news show replacements and perhaps the daytime soap genre would fall by […]

So, it appears that the WGA strike is a go. What does that mean for soaps? I don’t think that the predictions that a lengthy strike could kill the genre as we know it are that far-fetched. It seems reasonably certain that the management/scab writing of the 1988 strike isn’t going to be repeated, and […]

I am not a reality TV watcher at all, unless you count the occasional foray in the direction of America’s Next Top Model, but I’m almost disappointed that we only have the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars* down here, because I might be tempted to tune in to see if Cameron Mathison can […]

In all the crazy catch-up going on around here, I totally neglected my own anniversary. It feels longer, it feels shorter, but July 1st was in fact the 1st anniversary of Soaps By Remote. So, Happy Anniversary to this blog. It’s certainly been a fun year. I expected to rant and praise and mock in […]

I am back, but I haven’t got near my stockpile of shows yet. Though if I’m awake at 3am again tomorrow with killer jet-lag, I may dig into the pile. The closest I got to anything soap-related while I was away were the Days hourglass t-shirts in the NBC Store (sorry, NBC Experience) at the […]