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While John was in a coma, Marlena moved them out of the Penthouse but their current residence remains a mystery. Where do you think they’re living? The spare room above the Brady Pub A box under the docks With Eric in Colorado, commuting in for family meetings A secret room in one of Salem’s many […]

I haven’t caught up on the shows yet this week – I’m having an access crisis when it comes to Days, and I wanted to save up a few eps of GH and fast-forward through them at once to make me feel that perhaps I’d got one whole decent show out of the week of […]

Densie has delivered an appropriate series of questions about the week in Days, and having caught up myself I would like to add some more questions, and some comments. Comments First: My favourite pieces of dialogue for the week were a mixture of humour and amazing – for this show – levels of either self-awareness […]

Working a tonne at the moment so haven’t had time to actually watch anything so far this week. Which leaves me with another poll. We all want Babe Carey to go away (even, possibly, hopefully, the new writers). They have teased us and tempted us with fake deaths and elaborate funerals when we know she’s […]

Who is Days most delusional character? EJ, Super Sexy Evil Doer With Delusions of Fatherhood Phillip, Face Transplant Victim With Delusions of Fatherhood Steve, Brainwashing Victim With Delusions of Being Evil Willow, Pyromaniac Hooker With Delusions of Innocence Kate, Badly Dressed Executive With Delusions of Being a Good Mom View Results more at…

The soap mags and networks run all sorts of polls, all the time. Who is your favourite couple, who has the best wardrobe, etc? Often the results are completely inexplicable. Let’s face it, often the questions are completely inexplicable. So I think it’s time to institute some polls that are relevant and will deliver interesting, […]