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Yes, still in Downtown Europe. London, specifically, right now. Plan to spend my day going back and forth between TopShop, the V&A’s French Couture exhibit and a pub to watch Australia play England in the Rugby World Cup. No one could accuse me of not having diverse interests. Anyway, sitting in my hotel room logging […]

As I’m going to be on a plane later in the week when Night Shift comes to an end, I thought I’d do my series wrap up in advance of the final episode. So here it is: Night Shift Wrap Up: I stopped watching after episode 3. I had episodes 4-6 on my computer but […]

Well, no wonder they can’t manage to get the time and story consistent between regular GH and Night Shift, they obviously have no continuity person on Night Shift at all, let alone one familiar with the day shift. Did anyone else notice this particular problem? Yes, that’s right, sometime during his opening scene Jake managed […]

(The less unintentionally hilarious bit) In an effort not to be relentlessly negative, I’ll start with the Highlights: The dialogue was definitely better than the first episode. Not that that would have been hard. The pacing is still good. It continues to focus on the hospital. I know, I know, but this is a GH […]

Bwwahahahhhhaaaaahhha! Jason is sentenced to night time janitor duty in the hospital because he “shot Spinelli in the foot”. Oh, my. The levels on which that is entirely ridiculous are just too many to count. So much that I will just continue laughing about this for the next couple of days and come back to […]

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…at night… We have pros, and we have cons. Con The dialogue. Man, the dialogue was about nine kinds of awful. It made regular GH (where I’ve never thought the dialogue is too bad) seem like Shakespeare by comparison. I’ll make an allowance for the necessity of a degree of exposition […]

A Question


So, I’m basically up-to-date. A couple of episodes behind, but now just “busy working week” behind instead “international junket” behind. And I therefore I feel I am now in the position to ask this question. Not a negative question, I might add, just a question: Exactly how naked is Night Shift going to be? I’m […]