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Right, I’m off to Downtown Europe for work. Also, shoe shopping. I’ll leave you with this moment of hilarity from Tuesday’s GH: Carly: “I don’t tell Jason what to do.” Bwahahahaahahaha! Also, Alan’s “Red cape, meet bull” means that in a the space of a week Carly has been compared to a very black kettle […]

Bob Guza has horns and a tail, right? And Ken Corday automatically cowers whenever anyone approaches? And thankfully we don’t have to worry about McTavish or Reilly anymore. The reason I ask is that I’m coincidentally going to be in New York and LA next month at the same time as the Daytime Emmy Awards* […]

We’ve reached the point in proceedings where I offer a little window into my real life as a means of making a challenge to all the soap producers and writers out there. One which I expect to fall on not so much deaf as fingers-stuffed-in-while-la-la-laing ears, but which I’m going to make anyway. So, to […]

Right, so, where have I been? Same old, same old – work, travel, work travel – with a completely stuffed back thrown in for good measure. I am up to date on Y&R and AMC, mainly because, as I’ve mentioned before, I watch comparatively small parts of those shows, so catching/keeping up is easy. I’m […]

Still alive, still not remotely caught up, having spent my recent non-working waking hours sleeping (wait? does that work?) and obsessively immersed in the DVDs of a soap opera of entirely another nature.  My ‘to be watched’ list is mounting, but I will get there eventually.