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Okay, so my hotel has free wireless internet, so I was killing a few moments this morning before heading out for the day and of course had to check out some of the Daytime Emmy photos. I haven’t paid too much attention to the actual awards results other than to note that the double-travesty of […]

I’m back on the road again tomorrow on a shoe shopping odyssey to two of the soap-making capitals of the world, NY and LA. Also, you know, working. And drinking. I’ll be on a plane between those cities while the delight of the Daytime Emmys is on, so my commentary on the joyous fashion extravaganza […]

Bob Guza has horns and a tail, right? And Ken Corday automatically cowers whenever anyone approaches? And thankfully we don’t have to worry about McTavish or Reilly anymore. The reason I ask is that I’m coincidentally going to be in New York and LA next month at the same time as the Daytime Emmy Awards* […]

I Concur


I was going to dash off a quick post about the Daytime Emmy Nominations which came out today, but Serial Drama summed up my feelings pretty much perfectly, so go read what they have to say and pretend I took the time to type all of that out. Also, there are pretty pictures of Peter […]