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GH Monday: two largely superficial comments, a contemplation and a prop-related question. Comment One: Tracy was absolutely radiant. Plus, using the word “behoove” is always a positive. Mainly because where I come from it’s spelled and pronounced “behove” and “behoove” is so much more amusing on both fronts. Comment Two: Poor Georgie. And yet, fabulous […]



Yes, still in Downtown Europe. London, specifically, right now. Plan to spend my day going back and forth between TopShop, the V&A’s French Couture exhibit and a pub to watch Australia play England in the Rugby World Cup. No one could accuse me of not having diverse interests. Anyway, sitting in my hotel room logging […]

So it’s my birthday. If we must focus on age, I am younger than All My Children, but older than The Young and the Restless. I was trying to decide what to do on the blog for my birthday, other than a shameless plea for birthday greetings of course, and rejected several items out of […]

Yeah, yeah, I got a bit behind on my Days viewing. I blame too much work. And Harry Potter. And perhaps a hang-over the likes of which I haven’t had in some time. Just perhaps. Which is by way of saying this is slightly delayed and incomplete. It is much easier to catch-up when this […]

So, for my 150th post*, I’m taking a look at Days 1987. As requested, mainly by me. As with GH 1994, I watched the whole year of Days in 1987, on my trusty old video tapes after I got home from school. But this comes not so much from my direct recollection of events on […]

The path that lead me to this post was so spectacularly twisting and turning that it’s best condensed thusly: Character study Michael “Sonny” Corinthos; diversionary debate with self about which character actually ate GH; research by way of watching old Sonny and Brenda clips; reading old Year in Review recaps to sort chronology; wow the […]