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Last Week’s GH Catch-up. Knowing what was coming in general terms, I felt the need to stockpile a few episodes of GH to watch back-to-back because I anticipated mucho fast-forwarding. And so it was. Aside from the “I am not watching a single conversation between any combination of Carly-Jax-Jerry until such time as one ends […]

Ta dah! Carly wears a bra! However, urgggg, what is supposed to be going on with this Carly-Jerry-Jax-Irina story? Is this supposed to be in any way interesting? Are we meant to be getting some kind of potentially romantic vibe from Carly and Jerry, is Jax having sex with Irina at gunpoint meant to be […]

“No more nut-jobs!” That aside, do you remember the days of grown-up relationship comedy on this show? I do. It involved as least some of the characters we see today. It did not involve garden hoses. Carly, as usual, drags everyone down to her level. Georgie and Spinelli: good. That should be the way that […]