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One of my major soap pet peeves? The final scene reshoot. The start of the episodes of both Days and GH on Monday did it, and combined to force me into print on the subject. Phillip comes to visit Belle and Claire in hospital and offer to take them home and for ice cream and […]

Say whatever else you will about her, Sami can definitely choose a wedding dress: Of course, nothing so complimentary could be said of blanket-wearing Hope, Kayla of the camp military or Kate of the WTF? Caps courtesy Days2 and NBC.

Oh, Days. It’s sweeps. And you’re boring me. That is not good. Especially when the answer to keeping me interested is so easy: do not spend 2 (and judging by the previews, heading for 3) days in a row having either all, or 4/5ths of the show be about Belle and Shawn and people talking […]

Monday was kind of a nothing day on Days. Kayla and Hope having a nice conversation unfortunately on a loop. Phillip telling Belle what she feels and only very occasionally listening to her at all. A soap trait which makes me increasingly frustrated. Phillip does it, EJ does it, over on GH Sonny absolutely does […]

On an island with a castle we have trapped the following (some people are counted twice): 4 lawyers 2.5 doctors (Emily’s not qualified yet, right?) 3 nurses 2 cops 9 mobsters of one variety or another (once Jason lands, which we know he will. And yes, I do count Skye) 2 ex-soldiers 1 mercenary type […]

Warning: I will change tenses and perspectives several times in this post.  But I wrote it over several days and have had several wines and can’t be bothered fixing it now. Days really is in the mood for wrapping stuff up, isn’t it? First Pocket, now the sweet but stupidly named boys. Suddenly it’s all […]

Apparently the Days writers haven’t completely forgotten about the stupidity that was Rex and Cassie being Roman and Kate’s children, not to mention the fact that they existed at all. There they were in the list of dead Bradys playing in Sami’s nightmare. Perhaps it’s only in nightmares that those random extra kids who no-one […]