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Good job, Days. Having chosen to kill John, rather than sending him off into the sunset or otherwise leaving him so far on the backburner he was no longer on the stove, I think they went about it in entirely the right way. They gave it the right amount of time, both before and after […]

Another return


As per usual I’m not banishing anything that involves casting news bandied about in the mainstream (soap) press to the much-neglected spoiler page, but if you’re avoiding anything Days spoiler-related stop reading now. I’m not yet sure how I feel about the latest Days return: Nadia Bjorlin as Chloe. I missed pretty much the entirety […]

Mob, mob me do


I’ve given up. The time has come. That’s right, I’m going in to a clinic tomorrow to have my spine removed, my moral compass demagnetised and my professional wardrobe excised. Yes, I’m becoming a mob moll. It is absolutely clear that there’s no other way. Why now? I hear you ask. After all these years […]

Last Week’s GH Catch-up. Knowing what was coming in general terms, I felt the need to stockpile a few episodes of GH to watch back-to-back because I anticipated mucho fast-forwarding. And so it was. Aside from the “I am not watching a single conversation between any combination of Carly-Jax-Jerry until such time as one ends […]

Run, Annie, Run


Congrats to Annie Wersching on her escape from GH new job. Actually, the timing is pretty good in terms of GH as well, given that Amelia is largely without a storyline at the moment and so the time is opportune to ease her out without a big hole being left. So, good for the show, […]