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There were some good things about General Hospital last week. 1. The colour red: 2. Skye’s outfit (and the general sense they got a new curling iron in the hair department last week): 3. Emily and Nikolas’s continued attitude to the Lucky/Elizabeth divorce. You know, the rational, sensible, non-judgemental attitude. It’s refreshing. 4. Lucky telling […]

GH Second Half of Week Wrap It was a week for the lawyers this week. Diane rocked, as usual – especially the slouch of “this idiot is not listening to me again, even though I am brilliant” – on Wednesday, and got to be strangled by a blouse, also as usual. Then she rather rolled […]

Last Week’s GH Catch-up. Knowing what was coming in general terms, I felt the need to stockpile a few episodes of GH to watch back-to-back because I anticipated mucho fast-forwarding. And so it was. Aside from the “I am not watching a single conversation between any combination of Carly-Jax-Jerry until such time as one ends […]

GH Monday-Wednesday Hmm, I guess Jason has been taking some glass throwing lessons from Sonny. Oh, and what is that ugly painting over Sam’s mantle? Did that come with the apartment like I assume the rest of her stuff did – otherwise she did a lot of mighty quick shopping – or does Sam have […]

I am not a religious person, and yet the first half of the GH week had me feeling all spiritual. And invoking the Lord’s name in a variety of manners holy and unholy. First: Oh God, Carly, shut up! I was, however, fond of the reactions of the other people in the court room when […]

Ta dah! Carly wears a bra! However, urgggg, what is supposed to be going on with this Carly-Jerry-Jax-Irina story? Is this supposed to be in any way interesting? Are we meant to be getting some kind of potentially romantic vibe from Carly and Jerry, is Jax having sex with Irina at gunpoint meant to be […]

I had the beginnings of a post in my mind following Friday’s General Hospital “cliff-hanger”: the start of Jason’s trial. Then I glanced at some spoilers which revealed some story substance, but both that and most of my initial thoughts about the trial were overwhelmed by the news that this trial is going to go […]