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GH Monday: two largely superficial comments, a contemplation and a prop-related question. Comment One: Tracy was absolutely radiant. Plus, using the word “behoove” is always a positive. Mainly because where I come from it’s spelled and pronounced “behove” and “behoove” is so much more amusing on both fronts. Comment Two: Poor Georgie. And yet, fabulous […]

Boy Band Video: Boy-band video meets K-mart couture meets Crocodile Dundee: The most Marlena has moved her face in years: I’m not even going to discuss that miraculous flight time, nor, indeed, the fact Anna’s “shoes were stuck in the sand” for longer than the total flight time. I may be forced to mention the […]

“No more nut-jobs!” That aside, do you remember the days of grown-up relationship comedy on this show? I do. It involved as least some of the characters we see today. It did not involve garden hoses. Carly, as usual, drags everyone down to her level. Georgie and Spinelli: good. That should be the way that […]

Yesterday when I was out getting some exercise with my iPod headphones jammed in my ears I was assailed by the shuffle function when it threw up Kenny and Dolly singing “Islands in the Stream” into my ears.  (Why this is on my iPod is probably best not discussed.)  Needless to say, I have not […]

Other observances for the week: A couple of Alexis/Patrick scenes. Hmmm. Did anyone else go there? And think happy, hot thoughts? Even for a moment? Before the triple reality hit of (a) the joy of Robin/Patrick; (b) the mandate that Alexis can never be happy; and (c) the fact the powers that be would never […]

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, Shawn-Douglas Brady’s aunt and uncle-to-be crashed a plane into the side of a mountain while on the run from Shawn’s grandfather, among others. Before they were rescued half by a gloriously tacky honeymoon hotel and half by the unlikely combination of “Bonnie Lockhart” and Ned Ashton, […]

We pay attention to bad clothes around here, but sometimes it’s the things surrounding the hot men in jeans and black turtlenecks that stand out. That “bowling alley” set for Kendall and Zach’s Valentine’s Day? Perhaps the worst set ever, and I watch a lot of soaps, so I’ve seen my fair share of bad […]