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Super Ryan!


I guess we’ve found the Dance With the “Star” most likely to cross over to All My Children… I can already see that “C” morphing into an “R”… Advertisements

I am not a reality TV watcher at all, unless you count the occasional foray in the direction of America’s Next Top Model, but I’m almost disappointed that we only have the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars* down here, because I might be tempted to tune in to see if Cameron Mathison can […]

So last night, after I’d finally finished Harry Potter (what? I’ve been busy), I sat down (okay, lay in bed) and caught up on last week’s All Baby Danger All the Time All My Children. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t watch a whole lot of AMC, mainly I watch Zach and Kendall and so […]

Fastest way to make me like a character who is a bitch, a bastard, or just a drip? Self-awareness. Fastest way to make me dislike, moving rapidly on to loathing, a character I once enjoyed? Self-awareness-lobotomy. Self-awareness-ectomy? I’m not talking about some overly meta third person review of self (*cough* Spinelli *cough*), and I’m definitely […]

Working a tonne at the moment so haven’t had time to actually watch anything so far this week. Which leaves me with another poll. We all want Babe Carey to go away (even, possibly, hopefully, the new writers). They have teased us and tempted us with fake deaths and elaborate funerals when we know she’s […]

Aside from the opposites attract, boy meets girl, boy fights with girl, boy gets girl, boy loses her again and marries her a few times romance, is there any more classic soap story than that of confused paternity? The Who’s the Daddy? story is about as classic as is gets. Drama, suspense, perhaps romance, longing […]

All My Clichés


Note to all the soap writers out there: if we can sit here, watch a story, and see the writers’ meeting in all its scrambling desperation clear as can be projected through the story into our mind’s eye, you’re not doing a very good job. Take, for example, All My Children’s current trying-to-rid-itself-of-the-dregs- of-McTavish introduction […]