Hi, I’m Zara.

I’m here in Australia, living a quiet and entirely normal life with only one skeleton in my closet.

And that is my 20 year addiction to daytime soap operas.

I’d like to think I’m a smart woman. I have a large range of interests. I read widely. I’m well educated. I’m a lawyer, for god’s sake.

But I’m a complete sucker for a soap. Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, All My Children, The Young and the Restless. I’ve watched them all at various times. Santa Barbara, Another World, too.

In the old days I watched on school holidays and then taped and fast forwarded the stuff that annoyed me.

These days I download clips of the stories I’m interested in from the internet – we’re behind the times here and only get a few of the shows anyway. Then I lurk on a few boards just to check what’s hot at the moment, so I can pick up on new, good stories as they pop up while keeping track of the stupidity that’s going on side by side.

And of course I reminisce about the old days, when there were more compelling storylines that were better written and acted, because, of course, I only remember the good stuff and have blocked out all the bad.

And as I keep my addiction a closely guarded secret in my everyday life, I need an outlet for talking soaps, and this is it.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 allegory

    Okay, this is my last post. There is nothing wrong with soaps. I said it. Yes, from time to time, they make you want to choke someone: Luke Spencer torn between Laura, the epic love of his life who has miraculously awakened from a coma, and anyone, much less TRACI QUATERMAINE, all around nut bag….there are no words for this. And I don’t even like Luke/Laura, they were totally before my time on GH. I digress, I was attempting to cast soap opera viewing in a positive light. That’s not gonna happen now. So here’s my deal: I’m a story whore. Trashy paper backs, SciFi movies, Masterpiece Theatre and, yes, soaps. Tell me story about people you can get me to care about and I’m there. And with soaps, it’s so easy because I grew up with a lot these people. And those that were before my time were friends of my mother, my grandmother and, yes, my father, so they all have a special place with me.

  2. 2 Kelsey

    hi i was wondering if i could post up blogs every week on GH Passions and Days. Alright if u would like me too just email me at tima59@verizon.net.

  3. 3 chrissy

    days of our lives
    can someone please find me a picture or some info on the bridesmaid dresses belle, sammi & billie wore to carrie and lucas’s wedding.. they were beautiful!
    also what is the name of the song shawn and mimi always listened to, it was playing when they first got together!

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