Dead Quartermaine? Ah, must be sweeps.


I think I’ll save my God, They’ve Killed Another Quartermaine rant for later in the weekend.

To give them credit, I guess the powers that be do realise that there’s nothing like killing a legacy character for no good reason to bring out the quality emotional performances in everyone else (even a character for whom most affection resides with her original portrayer).

I do think GH did a pretty damn good job so far this week. Between the reveal of Jake’s parentage and the great performances over Emily’s death, with some lovely little moments in between.

I do have some questions though.

Why is Jax, who at least equals if not exceeds Jason and Jerry for time spent running around in the rain and getting half drowned, so clean?

Jason looks appropriately worked over and positively running with dirt, and Jerry’s roughed up, but Jax actually looks better than he did when the evening started and his shirt is white, white, white.

Speaking of white shirts, why is Logan still wearing his vest? I didn’t know he was so at home in a tux.

Where are Maxie and Georgie?

Why do I like Sonny’s girlfriend so much? Oh, actually I know the answer to that. It’s because she makes this face when Sonny claims not to hold a grudge.

I was also rather fond of her wondering aloud whether he was a typical male who couldn’t ask for directions (not that I’m sure who they could ask) or whether he really just didn’t want to find out if Ric was okay. With extra points for her not giving a fig about Carly or being the least bit jealous.

When did Lulu get to the point that I cheer when multiple people – Spinelli, Nadine, Elizabeth, Johnny and Jason – tell her to get over herself in one scene? I know she crossed that line for others some time back, but she’s officially there for me now.

Related question. Logan arrives at the barn to advise Lulu that her father has had a heart attack. They then leave the barn leaving behind hmm, let’s see, two of the six medical professionals on the island. Was that well thought through?

Finally, before it passes permanently into history, or the young person’s equivalent of the track suit of the afterlife, a question which has been on my mind for years: why does Emily’s calling Jason “Jase” simultaneously seem very real – a sister having a pet name for her brother – and highly, highly annoying? It bugs the crap out of me every time Natalia Livingston delivers the name, even though it feels like a name she should deliver.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Emily’s Death: The Good, the Pointless and the So, So Frustrating.

Caps courtesy Clarissa.


One Response to “Dead Quartermaine? Ah, must be sweeps.”

  1. I hate, hate, hate it when she calls him “Jase”. I know she means well, but there was something so Pollyanna-esque and annoying about Emily. I still think Lulu should have gone before her though.

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