One of my major soap pet peeves? The final scene reshoot.

The start of the episodes of both Days and GH on Monday did it, and combined to force me into print on the subject.

Phillip comes to visit Belle and Claire in hospital and offer to take them home and for ice cream and Belle calls him on it. Twice, delivered in a slightly different fashion and blocked completely differently. Once at the end of Friday, differently at the beginning of Monday.

Jason walks in on Sam, Lucky and Elizabeth fighting and announces that it’s not Sam’s truth to tell. Twice, delivered in a completely different fashion, blocked similarly but from a different POV, and with a bunch of different lines before he spat it out. Once at the end of Friday, differently at the beginning of Monday.

At least the scene on GH kept going to deliver the punchline, so to speak, while the Days scene ended in exactly the same place and therefore repeating it served no purpose whatsoever.

Anyway, that’s my pet peeve for the day, now nicely aired so I can get on with the watching and/or fast-forwarding.


3 Responses to “Peevey”

  1. I know what you mean. You know that fantastic Chick episode I loved so much a few weeks ago started with repeating the final scene which was obviously reshot. Truth be told I preferred the first one from the day before because Chelsea keeps Nick from coming further by holding her hand to his chest and she left her hand on his chest. The next day she doesn’t touch him.

  2. 2 brandname

    That bothers me too! I thought I was having deja vu all over again with the whole Belle and Philip scene.

  3. This has always annoyed me too. I don’t mind if the scene goes on from the point that it stopped, but oftentimes like the Phillip/Belle one it’s just a repeat. They did it back in the 80’s too, which is particularly noticeable when you’re watching clips and they immediately follow one another. It always seems like the second one isn’t as good, less intense by the actors, or something. I never knew why.

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