Relieved/Resigned Sigh


Ahhh. It’s finally revealed.

In every long overdue baby reveal there are winners and there are losers. And then there’s Sam McCall.

I would first like it noted that I am pleased that this particular paternity reveal, while hideously overdue, did not take place in a scenario where the baby was ill and needed a bone marrow transplant or a blood donation, which I feared was where they were going to end up if someone didn’t blurt it out pretty damn soon. So we’re all winners there. Sort of. In a grasping at straws way.

When it came to the four major players, Elizabeth was the obvious loser. Sam was right, it was her lie, and no matter how she ended up there she perpetuated it. Yes, when it finally came out she owned that lie, but too little, waaaaaaay too late. And she added a cherry of justification on the lie, which would have been fine has she confessed after the last real-time sweeps stunt in February, but now, again, too little, too late. I do give her some credit for the fact that they decided to pack a whole lot of exposition badly disguised as justification in her mouth, and feel sorry for Becky Herbst in that regard, but still, too little, too late.

Lucky was the winner. Not in the paternity stakes, obviously, but in everything else. His refusal to take it at face value, his quite fantastic punch, his anger. His calling Jason on his job, his attitude and pretty much everything else, especially the fact that he doesn’t want to give up killing people for a living for his kid. His anger at Elizabeth and dismissal of her explanations. Go Lucky. Entirely justified, and, something I don’t often say, fabulously well played by Greg Vaughn.

Jason came off in about the same place as Elizabeth. Sure he put it out there, took the punch and then applied some patented Jason Silence to the situation. But he pretty soon started defending Liz in a manner than may have been positive for his non-relationship but was otherwise useless. If he was going to defend it would have probably been more useful to apply the offence is the best defence strategy and call Sam on her actions, but otherwise shutting up would have been far more appropriate in the circumstances.

And then there’s Sam. One third right, one third hypocrite of the largest order and one third IT’S ALL ABOUT ME! MEMEMEEEE! She’s entirely right and justified in pointing out that this is Liz’s lie, beginning to end. Unfortunately she didn’t get to that until the end.

By then she’d already undermined herself by staring with classic Sam, whose infertility issues have nothing to do with this. Jason was willing to have a kid with her. Admittedly that was for about 3.5 seconds between being informed Elizabeth wasn’t pregnant with his child and being informed that she was/that Sam couldn’t have kids, but he was okay with it during that period. Sort of. Regardless, his reasons for not wanting a kid with her were in fact more rational than the whole rest of this story. And either way, Sam had nothing to do with it given Jake was the very definition of unplanned.

Then, still before she got to the accurate righteousness she further undermined herself by starting to rail on Jason for his job. In that regard Sam of the living-with-Jason-for-three-years-justifying-everything-he-did-and-picking-up-a-gun- herself-on-a-regular-basis cannot speak. No way. Jason’s third in line cheer leader – often second in line behind Carly but in front of Sonny – undermines all her good work when she starts to call him on kids not fitting in with his “lifestyle”. She’s right, but she doesn’t get to say it.

So by the time Sam got to calling Liz on her responsibility for the lie, especially given she’s still lying herself on several fronts, it no longer had quite the sweet punch it could have. It was still sweet, but not nearly so punchy.

So, in summary, thank the lord that that’s finally out, and go Lucky. Also, can Carly’s head explode soon, please?


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