It’s a Nice Day for a Black Wedding


Say whatever else you will about her, Sami can definitely choose a wedding dress:

Of course, nothing so complimentary could be said of blanket-wearing Hope, Kayla of the camp military or Kate of the WTF?

Caps courtesy Days2 and NBC.


3 Responses to “It’s a Nice Day for a Black Wedding”

  1. I did like Sam’s wedding dress, hair and makeup. (Though if it were me in the same situation, I would so walk down the aisle looking as hideous as possible…big furry robe, no makeup, unwashed hair.)

  2. Yes, I was thinking it might be a good occasion for sweats and baby spit, but clearly she was hoping to pull off the wedding-funeral double in one night and one outfit.

  3. I liked that Sami basically recycled her jewelery from John’s funeral and Kayla looks as if she escaped from a Branson, Missouri dinner theater.

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