Shut up!


I do have other comments about how the GH sweeps event is progressing, but I’ll get to those in the next couple of days. In the meantime, I feel that it’s necessary to state that whatever its other failings or successes, watching Thursday and Friday’s episodes did have me shouting at the screen a lot.

Shouting “Shut Up!” specifically.

I rather resent being made to look like a loon shouting at fictional characters on a screen, and therefore I would like to call out the following characters for making me do exactly that:

– Carly

– Lulu

– Leyla

– Carly

– Trevor

– Carly

– Sam (eventually – it was the Carly-like nature of the screeching the second she entered every room that was the problem, not what she was saying. Take a breath, woman)

– Carly


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