Mama Said Knock You Out!


A week into sweeps and the GH death and injury count (plus a few other things) is as follows:

– the Wyndemere generator – chopped with an axe by presumably, but not certainly, Zacchara, A.

– 1 member of the general staff guest – stabbed in the back by presumably, but not certainly, Zacchara, A.

– 1 boat – bombed for reasons that don’t even begin to make any kind of sense at all and were, so far as I can see, completely unnecessary – assailant unknown and couldn’t possibly make sense even if they were known

– 1 launch radio and other assorted parts – assailant unknown

– 2 henchman mercenaries(!) – shot by Jacks, J. (since when did he have deadly aim?) and Jacks, J. (he always had deadly aim) after having something randomly thrown at them by McCall, S.

– 1 defenceless hay bale – shot by Morgan, J. and Webber, E.

– Scott – hit over the head by Zacchara, J.
– Elizabeth – punched in the face by McCall, S.
– Elizabeth’s dress – torn by McCall, S.
– the Wyndemere pier – chopped up by Zacchara, A.
– Leyla’s necklace – torn off her neck by Jones, M.
– Ric – run through with a sword and pinned to the wall, assailant unknown
– Patrick – beaten about the head by Cassadine, N.
– Logan – punched in the stomach by Zacchara, J.
– Lucky – thwacked over the head by his loving brother, Cassadine, N.
– Trevor – had strips torn off him as well as being slapped upside the face by Davis, A.
– Cooper – knocked out, assailant unknown
– Carly – stunned, having tripped over herself. Twice. The second time being especially hilarious

Highly Inconveniently Occurring Medial Conditions

– Alexis has sudden onset appendicitis

Guns Pulled
– Jason on Zacchara’s quite sensible henchman
– Johnny on Trevor
– Carly on Coop
– 2 Henchman shooting at Jax, Jerry and Sam
– Johnny on Sonny and Sonny on Johnny, simultaneously
– Sonny on Johnny some more
– Sonny on Trevor

Pokers Wielded
– Nadine, showing more forethought than most of the rest of the characters, at Anthony Zacchara and random hallways (of course, by then letting Spinelli get hold of a sword, she lost points)

Armed With Guns (Where the Fuck Did They All Come From?)
– Jason
– Sonny
– Johnny
– Jerry
– Jax
– Sam
– Carly
– Elizabeth
– Nikolas
– Random henchmen

Order in Which TPTB Regard Characters Who are not Jason as Being Able to Take Care of Other Characters

1. Luke
2. Lucky
3. Jerry

That is, judging by Jason’s asking who was there to look after anyone else. Jerry? Really? Also, Lucky of the unconscious for the last two episodes, really?

Refreshingly Out Of Character Demonstrations of Common Sense
– Maxie pointing out to Georgie that going after Spinelli is not a good idea and the best idea is for them to stay where they are so no one has to go looking for them

– Sam pointing out to Jerry and Jax that when dividing up tasks between them she gets the boat, Jerry gets the mercenaries and Jax gets the hardest job of all, Carly

– Nadine, again, asking who exactly put Jason in charge (she clearly hasn’t been in town very long) and pointing out that racing around with a gun is not the be all and end all, AND that the most interesting thing about Jason is that he has Spinelli for a friend. She’s so clearly going to end up dead (unspoiled comment)

Hairstyles Improved by Being Sent into the Rain

– Carly
– Sam
– Elizabeth
– Jax

Hairstyles Not Improved by Being Sent into the Rain

– Jason (stunned, aren’t you?)

Hairstyles Apparently Unmoved and Undampened by Being Sent into the Rain
– Nadine

Hairstyles That May Yet Benefit from Being Sent into the Rain
– Logan – his hair keeps getting poufier the longer he stays inside

Questions I Have to Ask

O- being the universal blood type, why are there so few people on that island that have it and exactly what blood type are all these people if they’re neither A- or O-? G?


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