Days, Days, Days


Oh, Days. It’s sweeps. And you’re boring me. That is not good.

Especially when the answer to keeping me interested is so easy: do not spend 2 (and judging by the previews, heading for 3) days in a row having either all, or 4/5ths of the show be about Belle and Shawn and people talking about Belle and Shawn.

You’re doing so well with the college stuff – the one bright point on Tuesday – and you may get around to shooting EJ shortly (not actually spoiled about that but I have watched the odd soap in the past so I have this vague sense about what may be coming, I don’t know why), but unless Belle and Phillip are actually having sex they and all people talking about them are painfully boring.

Perhaps you could even take a lesson from GH’s treatment of sweeps. I know, I know, sacrilege, but bear with me here. GH has taken the unusual step of making this November knock-out sweeps month. Every few minutes another character is getting hit over the head and rendered unconscious – two on Monday alone – by unknown assailants, by their nutso brothers, by random mad mobsters. I’m just suggesting that perhaps that type of attitude could also be put to good use on Days. On Shawn, specifically.

Just a suggestion.


One Response to “Days, Days, Days”

  1. It’s weird the college scene actually is the most entertaining thing on the show right now which makes you wonder why. *cough*Chick making out*cough*

    I do konw there will be a promise of violence at the end of this week for Days and IMO, it’s about bloody time.

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