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Time to Move


The time has finally come. A mere six months after getting my own domain, I’m finally ready to move the site. So it’s time to update your feeds and links and head on over to (or, if you prefer, I’ve switched over to typepad which I’ve used for my personal blog for years […]

Emily’s death is frustrating on several levels. Not nearly as much as one that’s coming because it will be so spectacularly pointless that I do not understand it on a single level, but I’ll save that rant for the time, and this time around just confine myself to “they’re killing another Quartermaine, oh joy”. GH […]

I think I’ll save my God, They’ve Killed Another Quartermaine rant for later in the weekend. To give them credit, I guess the powers that be do realise that there’s nothing like killing a legacy character for no good reason to bring out the quality emotional performances in everyone else (even a character for whom […]



One of my major soap pet peeves? The final scene reshoot. The start of the episodes of both Days and GH on Monday did it, and combined to force me into print on the subject. Phillip comes to visit Belle and Claire in hospital and offer to take them home and for ice cream and […]

Things have definitely evolved on the WGA strike front when it comes to soaps over the last week. It seemed when the strike was called that there were unlikely to be scabs and unlikely to be reruns and more likely there would be news show replacements and perhaps the daytime soap genre would fall by […]

Ahhh. It’s finally revealed. In every long overdue baby reveal there are winners and there are losers. And then there’s Sam McCall. I would first like it noted that I am pleased that this particular paternity reveal, while hideously overdue, did not take place in a scenario where the baby was ill and needed a […]

Say whatever else you will about her, Sami can definitely choose a wedding dress: Of course, nothing so complimentary could be said of blanket-wearing Hope, Kayla of the camp military or Kate of the WTF? Caps courtesy Days2 and NBC.