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GH Monday: two largely superficial comments, a contemplation and a prop-related question. Comment One: Tracy was absolutely radiant. Plus, using the word “behoove” is always a positive. Mainly because where I come from it’s spelled and pronounced “behove” and “behoove” is so much more amusing on both fronts. Comment Two: Poor Georgie. And yet, fabulous […]

Apparently the Days writers haven’t completely forgotten about the stupidity that was Rex and Cassie being Roman and Kate’s children, not to mention the fact that they existed at all. There they were in the list of dead Bradys playing in Sami’s nightmare. Perhaps it’s only in nightmares that those random extra kids who no-one […]

I will start at the end. Diane – used appropriately sparingly this week – expressed it perfectly: “This whole line of thought is problematic!” Our themes leading into sweeps are mob power plays, insanity, random acts of violence and sperm. Woo hoo. With those things in mind, my view of the week was: Men continued […]

Sami has the babies (finally)! The babies probably have two fathers (unsurprisingly)! Belle cheats (stupidly in the house she shares with her fiancé and three quarters of his family)! Flesh (fleshy)! Belle gets caught by her almost mother in law (hilariously)! Belle’s Princess Crown cracks (even more hilariously)! Shawn and Phillip have a pissing match […]

Before we get to the point where they fast forward Sami’s 10+ months of pregnancy into 30 seconds of labour, let’s rewind slightly to the beginning of Days Monday: The Episode Designed To Thwart Recapping I am generally of the “pause and make notes as I go along” method of compiling post material. On Monday’s […]

There were some good things about General Hospital last week. 1. The colour red: 2. Skye’s outfit (and the general sense they got a new curling iron in the hair department last week): 3. Emily and Nikolas’s continued attitude to the Lucky/Elizabeth divorce. You know, the rational, sensible, non-judgemental attitude. It’s refreshing. 4. Lucky telling […]

Good job, Days. Having chosen to kill John, rather than sending him off into the sunset or otherwise leaving him so far on the backburner he was no longer on the stove, I think they went about it in entirely the right way. They gave it the right amount of time, both before and after […]