Another return


As per usual I’m not banishing anything that involves casting news bandied about in the mainstream (soap) press to the much-neglected spoiler page, but if you’re avoiding anything Days spoiler-related stop reading now.

I’m not yet sure how I feel about the latest Days return: Nadia Bjorlin as Chloe.

I missed pretty much the entirety of Chloe’s Days stint other than a very occasional catching of an episode when I was home sick from work. So my knowledge of the character and the actress is limited to basically the following:

1. was originally in some way, possibly positively, involved with Phillip (when Phillip was played by the actor that plays Phillip now);

2. ran around town at some point with a TWoP-moniker-ed fruit roll-up scar on her face; and

3. this attention-seeking monstrosity:

I also know that Chloe married Brady shortly before I really started watching again and ran off to Downtown Europe (or some such) and that she’s obviously not bringing back hubby with her because hubby managed to make his hair even worse and join The Bold and the Badly Coiffed.

So, now Chloe is coming back and she must, rather obviously, be headed for the so-called Shawn-Phillip-Belle triangle (of boringness). And apparently she has some previously demonstrated chemistry with Phillip. That could be good, I guess.

I can’t say I’m greeting the news with any kind of rah-rah, this is fantastic glee like I did the return of Anna though. I’m just kind of meh about it. Maybe because I don’t care about the storyline she’s headed for at all, and I don’t know nearly enough about the character to know whether she’s going to be a good addition, or whether the actress is any good at anything other than giving Thaao Penghlis a run for his tanorexic money.

We shall see.


2 Responses to “Another return”

  1. The deal with Chloe is that she was originally introduced as someone all the popular kids called “Ghoul Girl” but Belle (then a plucky Kristen Storms) befriended her and convinced her to take off her glasses once in a while. There was a Carrie-esque bet where Philip would take her out, but then he decided he liked her much to the horror of the other popular kids. She was Craig and Nancy’s daughter and referred to them as “Nancy and Craig” as if she was a character in the 90210 universe. As for Nadia, I believe this dress was part of a bizarre pairing/photo op with Bruce Willis. Also, she sings (both on and off the show).

  2. I missed out on the whole Brady and Chloe experience. I hope this gives Phillip a better storyline but it probably will just suck for them all since Shelle is involved.

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