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GH Second Half of Week Wrap It was a week for the lawyers this week. Diane rocked, as usual – especially the slouch of “this idiot is not listening to me again, even though I am brilliant” – on Wednesday, and got to be strangled by a blouse, also as usual. Then she rather rolled […]

Another return


As per usual I’m not banishing anything that involves casting news bandied about in the mainstream (soap) press to the much-neglected spoiler page, but if you’re avoiding anything Days spoiler-related stop reading now. I’m not yet sure how I feel about the latest Days return: Nadia Bjorlin as Chloe. I missed pretty much the entirety […]

Oh my. It turns out I quite like the tag-team duo of fugitive Jeremy and foster father Nick: Jeremy: “If you were my father -” Nick: “You’d have turned out better.” It also turns out that Nick has the highest, most rapidly paying teaching job in the universe based on the fact that the apartment […]

The myriad of reasons that it is ridiculous for Lulu to move in with Jason hardly need to be revisited beyond Lucky’s summary of the situation as the stupidest thing he’d ever heard (though, reason one: she wouldn’t need the guards that Jason provides if she didn’t live with Jason). However, to Jason’s credit, he […]

Mob, mob me do


I’ve given up. The time has come. That’s right, I’m going in to a clinic tomorrow to have my spine removed, my moral compass demagnetised and my professional wardrobe excised. Yes, I’m becoming a mob moll. It is absolutely clear that there’s no other way. Why now? I hear you ask. After all these years […]

I’m trying to decide whether it was the sublime or the ridiculous that was my favourite part of Monday’s Days. There was Marlena’s reaction to Benjy shooting Stefano, which was actually: “Gasp. Oh my Gosh! Gasp.” One cannot make these things up. However, when it’s followed rapidly by “Am I in a coffin?” when the […]

Past Scenes from an Oddly Competitive Marriage 1. “I got hooked on painkillers and cheated on you with my dead partner’s girlfriend/the younger girl who had a crush on me for years/my drug supplier, and I got caught in the act, in our own bed.” 2. “Well I cheated on you physically and emotionally with […]