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I am not a reality TV watcher at all, unless you count the occasional foray in the direction of America’s Next Top Model, but I’m almost disappointed that we only have the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars* down here, because I might be tempted to tune in to see if Cameron Mathison can […]

Days Friday/Monday Lexie: “I am a doctor, idiot, I know about living donors!” Just ask Jack. Hmm, did Benjy have a kid last time we saw him? I don’t remember. Honestly. Also, couldn’t EJ talk to him/understand him the last time we saw him? And why was Benjy giving Steve devil cards (albeit reluctantly) if […]

More seriously, for all Days current faults with the younger sets, with the older groupings they’ve brought back the camaraderie in such a great way. Between husbands and wives, between siblings, between friends. Bo and Kayla and Roman, Steve and Adrienne, Hope and Bo and Doug and Julie and John and Marlena, everyone feels like […]



On a superficial (and slightly disconcerting note) John should get about in a t-shirt and jeans all the time. Also, hee! Double hee! Caps courtesy Days2.

GH second half of the week wrap. Yay Kate, trying not to get sucked into Sonny and Ric’s insanity. Of course if she thinks that’ll work, that is it’s own form of insanity. (Especially in relation to further familiar developments; good casting again, by the way.) I was rather fond of Lucky’s ‘are you insane?’ […]

So it’s my birthday. If we must focus on age, I am younger than All My Children, but older than The Young and the Restless. I was trying to decide what to do on the blog for my birthday, other than a shameless plea for birthday greetings of course, and rejected several items out of […]