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I had the beginnings of a post in my mind following Friday’s General Hospital “cliff-hanger”: the start of Jason’s trial. Then I glanced at some spoilers which revealed some story substance, but both that and most of my initial thoughts about the trial were overwhelmed by the news that this trial is going to go […]

So last night, after I’d finally finished Harry Potter (what? I’ve been busy), I sat down (okay, lay in bed) and caught up on last week’s All Baby Danger All the Time All My Children. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t watch a whole lot of AMC, mainly I watch Zach and Kendall and so […]

Well, no wonder they can’t manage to get the time and story consistent between regular GH and Night Shift, they obviously have no continuity person on Night Shift at all, let alone one familiar with the day shift. Did anyone else notice this particular problem? Yes, that’s right, sometime during his opening scene Jake managed […]

Flapping about


The week in Days. Just in case you had no idea that I’m really 12, I found myself giggling unreasonably at the way Andre’s traction made him look like he was giving everyone the finger. Nick’s non sequiturs were kind of hilarious, in a concussed sort of fashion. Just a pity it takes a head […]

Not one, but two bad braless outfits, the second definitely worse that the first, and with no explanation as to why she changed between scenes. A new record even for Carly. But then again, this is either a strapless balloon-shorted romper or a playboy bunny top with balloon shorts, so Carly is hardly alone. What […]

A note


This is a slightly late, but pre-end of week summary note, while I remember: This week in GH delivered to us the glorious sight of someone whacking Carly upside the head with a pool cue. Let’s face it, the rest of the week could be complete crap (and I don’t think it has been, but […]

Anti-Warning: this post contains no pictorial evidence of Sonny’s distracting left man boob.  Even though given events on GH in the week so far, it could have, unfortunately. I see that the split in the GH-Night Shift time-space continuum continues to widen, now enveloping not only partially-incarcerated Jason, but also Maxie: scheming, drug-enabling and healthy […]