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June 13 Days of Our Lives Highlight And the little tributes to the recently departed actors who played Bill and Marie, as well as the other flashbacks. Yes, I am a sap. “What the hell has gotten into you?!” “A lot of beer.” “The dude had no pants!” Lowlight Blah, blah, blah, shut up Shawn. […]

The trouble with doing catch-up is that I find myself with all these episode-specific comments that I would make if I were posting the same day as the episode aired, but which may then be superseded a couple of episodes later. So for this catch-up I am going to watch the episodes in order, Days, […]

I am back, but I haven’t got near my stockpile of shows yet. Though if I’m awake at 3am again tomorrow with killer jet-lag, I may dig into the pile. The closest I got to anything soap-related while I was away were the Days hourglass t-shirts in the NBC Store (sorry, NBC Experience) at the […]

Okay, so my hotel has free wireless internet, so I was killing a few moments this morning before heading out for the day and of course had to check out some of the Daytime Emmy photos. I haven’t paid too much attention to the actual awards results other than to note that the double-travesty of […]

I’m back on the road again tomorrow on a shoe shopping odyssey to two of the soap-making capitals of the world, NY and LA. Also, you know, working. And drinking. I’ll be on a plane between those cities while the delight of the Daytime Emmys is on, so my commentary on the joyous fashion extravaganza […]

I don’t think that threats to rip out kidneys will ever get old. It’s no longer: “You do this and you’ll regret it!” it’s “You do this and I’ll rip out your kidney!” On another note, I know it’s usually GH that has me railing about legal matters, but that was the strangest “inquest” I […]

Well, that was fun. No, I mean it. The sarcasm hasn’t started yet. It will, don’t worry, but I’m not there yet. Ignoring Sonny, and Spinelli and the saga of the blender (ug), Monday’s was a fun episode. There was Patrick’s face when Robin first held that baby. Then there was Patrick’s face when he […]