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Hmm. You have been in a coma for months after being shot. While you were in said coma you were kidnapped and your kidney was removed by your faux-sister under direction from her brain-washed husband in non-sterile conditions. You finally wake up. Instead of waking to soothing tones, medical attention and questions about how you […]

Okay, so I’m still catching up, but I could not let the return of Tony Dimera pass without comment. Two important things struck me about Tony upon his return: (a) looking more like The Count than ever; and (b) oh my lord, Thaao’s got his Australian accent back! Has he been home during his hiatus? […]

I was going to comment on this earlier but it slipped my mind, and in my catch-up on last week’s Days it came up again so now I have to mention it. One of the Days writers has an obsession with the phrase “take [it] from my cold, dead hands.” Phillip will have to take […]

Fastest way to make me like a character who is a bitch, a bastard, or just a drip? Self-awareness. Fastest way to make me dislike, moving rapidly on to loathing, a character I once enjoyed? Self-awareness-lobotomy. Self-awareness-ectomy? I’m not talking about some overly meta third person review of self (*cough* Spinelli *cough*), and I’m definitely […]



Notes on the rest of the GH week Note to Jason: if Sonny actually regarded you as a friend instead of an automaton minion, he would notice that something is up with you and then actually show some compassion or sympathy instead of being only concerned with how whatever massive personal crisis you may be […]

Tuesday’s General Hospital: Now with 80% less exposition! Alexis to Carly: “I love it when you’re a Spencer whenever it suits you.” Robin: “We’re great in Crisis Time.” Patrick: “What’s that? Like Daylight Savings Time?” Sam to Amelia: “Why are you even talking to this guy?” Amelia’s expression: “Because he’s got a gun at my […]

As previously mentioned, I’m a bit behind on everything this week. So my comments on the week are slightly delayed. Here I give you the thinking person’s translation of Monday’s episode of General Hospital: Robin: “Oh, Doctor Ford.” Patrick: “No Kelly, it’s me.” Zara: “Hee!” Noah: Misunderstanding. Emily: False exposition. Noah: “This makes no sense.” […]