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When it comes to soaps sex counts. We all know it. Until a couple actually gets down to it then they’re not worth a damn as a soap pair. They can still be thrown over and ignored and their history can be abandoned for years at a time without thought. If you watch GH you […]

Today was a tonally dark day on Days – though a dark day with movement, which is always pleasing – but I will choose to focus on the things that made me laugh, i.e. the Sami/Lucas/Kate showdown: Kate’s pronunciation of “Lucas” as “Lukiss”. The tacky tin box housing the fire axe on the wall of […]

So, for my 150th post*, I’m taking a look at Days 1987. As requested, mainly by me. As with GH 1994, I watched the whole year of Days in 1987, on my trusty old video tapes after I got home from school. But this comes not so much from my direct recollection of events on […]

I’m sure that these two observations amidst the myriad of oddness/problems that were today’s episode of Days of Our Lives are more telling of my strange mind than anything else, but nevertheless my primary and unreasonable focuses (foci?) during the episode were: (a) This seems like the most unlikely place for Roman and Abe, two […]

…will be my only comment – for now at least – on this news that Mr Craig is Jerry Jacks, if only to prevent my head from exploding thanks to such a complete departure from sense, logic, history recent and not so recent, accents, and general soap recasting rules.

The path that lead me to this post was so spectacularly twisting and turning that it’s best condensed thusly: Character study Michael “Sonny” Corinthos; diversionary debate with self about which character actually ate GH; research by way of watching old Sonny and Brenda clips; reading old Year in Review recaps to sort chronology; wow the […]

Let me see if I can get this straight: Scott thinks Tracy should help Scott get custody of Laura because Laura is so far under Luke’s skin that she’s all he thinks about to the exclusion of his wife, but once a court tells him that he doesn’t have custody of Laura any more, something […]