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Other observances for the week: A couple of Alexis/Patrick scenes. Hmmm. Did anyone else go there? And think happy, hot thoughts? Even for a moment? Before the triple reality hit of (a) the joy of Robin/Patrick; (b) the mandate that Alexis can never be happy; and (c) the fact the powers that be would never […]

Were the hair stylists on GH smoking something a bit wacky in the make-up room in an effort to overcome their depression over current storylines before shooting Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes? I found myself envisaging the following conversation… Chief Hairstylist: “Mmmmm, I’m much more relaxed now, even that new movie rip-off they’re doing is starting […]

It occurred to me in the middle of the night, as these things do, that in the last couple of episodes GH has become all about coercion. (Other things that occurred to me in the middle of last night had me up and Blackberrying myself messages about things I needed to do for work, so […]

Tank Slater…


…would be the best baby name ever. Not that I think Kendall’s actually going to have this kid. I’m completely unspoiled on this front, but it just seems too soon after Spike for her to be having another one, and the happy vibes are beginning to hurt my head in a way that suggests they […]

Some brief notes on Monday’s GH: 1. You’d think Sonny would have learned how to pronounce “police” by now. 2. I love, love, love Jax and Alexis. I love them especially when they’re driving Carly ballistic, and relishing it. It’s the relishing it that makes it art. Oh, and if they want to leave Ingo […]

General Hospital character count for Friday: a new record of 27. And this, especially back to back with Thursday, further proves my point. Because while Thursday had 22 characters for 3 stories and worked, Friday had 27 characters for 7 stories and was jammed. Not that I’d give up Jax and Alexis goodness for anything […]

General Hospital character count for Thursday: 22. But see, here’s where my issue lies with every other day this week and for several weeks really. 22 characters made sense on Thursday because there was a wedding. A wedding, or a funeral, or some big excuse for getting everyone dressed up in formal wear, calls for […]