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I’ve been rattling on in a largely incoherent manner on the current GH Who’s the Daddy? story in the midst of comments about other things, but after the on-screen events of the last couple of days I wanted to actually articulate my feelings about the whole thing. And my feelings come down to being annoyed […]

Further to my comments yesterday, it took me a moment to figure it out, but I finally realised that I liked the Three Stooges stuff because it was an attempt, largely successful if imperfect, at levity. And it didn’t involve Sonny trying to trick Carly into doing something or the Red Menace being “cute”. That’s […]

I mentioned in an earlier, dial-up inhibited post, that sometimes it is obvious that an actress has sat down in the wrong make-up chair in the morning.  Suddenly, while the personality remains the same, they look like a completely different character.  In this case a Completely Different Character. For example.  Regular Pyro Hooker: All waves, […]

I think it’s wrong of me, but I was kind of enjoying Luke, Tracy and the Three Stooges. “Almost Incestuous One” may have to be Dillon’s new nickname even though Spaghetti – TM Tracy – drives me nuts in an occasionally amusing fashion. Second in the I think it’s wrong column … Okay, sorry, I […]

As promised, with thanks to General Hospital Happenings 2, I bring you the “we got taken hostage because the clothes we were wearing in the lead up were so awful they didn’t deserve to live” fashion parade. First, the “We bought these coats in a job lot” Ugly Plaid Coat Parade through the lobby: Robin, […]

This is my credit where credit is due post, with an underlying layer of cynicism. You may have noticed that up until yesterday my GH coverage had disappeared. Sure, I was a long time between other posts due to life, but there were no GH posts in between. Simply, I hadn’t been watching. I last […]

…I’ve just started watching GH’s month long real-time (hahahahahaha!) sweeps stun- sorry, Event. I’ll post in greater detail later, when I’ve caught up properly, but given that we knew eveyone was going to wind up at the Metro Court for the Hospital fundraiser and get held hostage as the writers got stuck in between the […]