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Now, this is a little behind the times, and you may have noticed that I’m crap at generating my own screencaps, but I simply couldn’t let this past. What the hell are they doing to the Sharons (real and created)? This dress was bad enough from the hips up. And then I saw it full […]

Victor’s great plan is to send Lucas to get Claire back? Really? Lucas? Not exactly the hero type, majorly conflicted loyalties and a BROKEN LEG? As for the fugitives themselves, I have no idea at all what was going on with their druggy dorm manager. What was with that, how did they end up there? […]

Days on Speed


While doing the rapid catch-up from Jan 1 to date – or not so rapid, due to a combination of life and actually having a desire to watch more than I had a desire to fast-forward, a remarkable improvement – I just made random notes as I was going along. A few I posted, but […]

Satin pyjamas as inappropriate daywear or the prototype for her satin straight-jacket? GASP! Speaking of the delusional and insane,  it’s a real pity they turned EJ into a truly horrible belt-wielding rapist murderer, because artfully scruffy EJ?  Hot.  I’ll just have to avoid listening to anything he says so I can continue to appreciate James […]

I have updated myself and then updated my comments about various AMC and GH spoilers here.

Interim Comment


Any dilemma I had about the whole wanting to watch John/not wanting to watch Marlena issue was so easily solved by him being comatose.  That left me with no compunction at all about fast-forwarding them.  Of course, if they were to throw Marlena in a coma the reverse would be true and I’d be happier, […]

I’m making progress with the catch-up and will return to discuss happy things such as random May-December hook-ups later.  In the meantime, the following question arose as soon as Steve reacted to a child’s devil t-shirt in addition to the glowy tarot card of death: If the devil has such an impact on Steve, how […]