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Happy New Year


Chelsea has obviously been living with Bonnie for too long, because that’s the ugliest jacket I have seen in some time. I guess Peanut and Plain will finally get with the snogging next week, while the rest of us will have to put up with pop “star” cheesiness. Or would, except that I’m going to […]



Free! I’m free! Sure, my hair’s a bit flat, but at least I don’t look like I’m about to get presented to that scary Mummy as a Christmas present. Speaking of red letter days on Days, I would like to quote Samantha Gene Brady verbatim before I pass out with shock and relief: “I am […]

So often it’s the little things that the soaps forget.  They forget that their viewers can think and see and that not everything needs to be said, repeated, dreamed or fantasised about to be obvious. Which is why, for all the numerous faults that currently make up AMC, I appreciate that they could still have […]

In the absence of John and Marlena’s comedy gold, today for me it was the ludicrous presentation of Max and Mimi’s adventures in bondage that brought the laughs. Slightly more intentional laughs than anything Mr and Mrs Black serve up, but yet still far funnier and in a different manner than I suspect they wanted […]

Levitate! Levitate damn it! What’s wrong, is all that botox weighing you down? I’m sure you used to hover so much more easily. No levitation? Okay, perhaps I can hypnotise you! Look in to my…ring. Right, dammit, I have no choice, I’m going to have to zap your purple velour jacket… …and use it to […]

I could go into a lengthy essay, but really I think today’s Y&R can be summed up simply: Peter Bergman and Michelle Stafford rock. Oh yes, and if I had any respect at all left for the Emmys (which I don’t), Best Actor this (next) year would be a Peter Bergman-Tony Geary cage match and […]

Laughing, laughing. John thinking that he was just going to lift the top off Stefano’s large stone crypt with his bare hands? Or on his own with a crow bar? I also had to laugh at Hope explaining to Bo that deep down she knew he could never beat a man to within an inch […]