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As if Marlena’s patchwork cardigan from the pockets of which she cannot remove her hands and Jeans of Extreme Youth weren’t bad enough, what the hell was Belle wearing? Have we all started to like her too much because she’s behaving like an adult rather than Princess Entitlement? Did they have to make her wear […]

La,la,la,la,la* They didn’t just overlook three-odd years of story and have Alexis rue ever telling Sonny that she was pregnant with Kristina*la,la, la,la, la. I am willing to stick my fingers in my ears and sing out of tune to overlook that because if I overlook that I can notice that I am getting more […]

Nerd Love


I now officially love Nick Fallon on Days. First, I appreciate that having spent his first week establishing his enthusiastic nerd credentials in an over-the-top manner, they have now toned him down, so that he’s person rather than caricature. Second, his take on Chelsea is lovely. To paraphrase; Nick, voice of the audience: “How old […]

Ok, needless to say that Spencer-related crying from Monday’s episode of GH only got worse. Having watched Tuesday and Wednesday back to back, I loved all the Spencer stuff, but some small points that stood out through the tears: That Laura set the record straight with Lulu as to the fact that Luke was thrilled […]

I’m not American and we don’t do Thanksgiving here (not as obvious a statement as you might think given some of the questions I’ve been asked about Australian Thanksgiving traditions over the years), but I have been known to over-indulge in turkey and stuffing when I’ve been in the US for the holiday. The nature […]

Perhaps it’s the unnecessary third glass of wine. Perhaps it’s that the glass of wine was imbibed at a CHRISTMAS party on November 21st. But I’m pretty sure it was the Spencers that had the tears streaming on Monday’s episode of GH. I’m going to excise my comments on the rest of the episode, other […]



Welcome TWoPers.  Thanks to tripp3235 for sending you all in my direction. Over there – where I go by j23 – is definitely my favourite place for sane soap discussion.