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Days Marathon


One of the things I have been doing over the weekend is watching two weeks worth of Days episodes in a row in an effort to give a full assessment of the show in the early Sheffer era. (Other weekend activities: beer, pizza, watching sport, socialising with actual living people, watching Veronica Mars and The […]

A small point


It is incomprehensible to me that they ever let Genie Francis go.

I haven’t caught up with Days or GH yet this week – a combination of work, a funeral and a post-wake hang-over mean that I’m a little behind on pretty much everything but lying on the couch and groaning – however, I have had a moment to watch the Nick/Phyllis nuptials on Y&R. What is […]

If only Steve had done this instead of drinking rancid popcorn water in that motel in Cincinati, many things may have been different.   Of course then we wouldn’t have had Stefan Cassadine in all his glory, but still…

I’ve only partly caught up with Days since I got back, and not yet this week, so more on that later.  But in the meantime a few very random comments on other shows. I know Patrick’s back on today’s GH even though I haven’t seen it yet, but yesterday someone on set should have remembered […]

Ok, I’m back. And I watched 5 episodes of GH in a row in order to stay up to a reasonable hour in an effort to overcome jet lag.  Well, I watched parts of 5 episodes in a row anyway. What I did not watch: anything involved Nicholas and his domestic staff; anything involving Sonny’s […]

I’m heading to Downtown Europe for work purposes and as I have access to neither the ELQ jet nor the Soap Opera Instant Transporter Device, I won’t be back before the end of the next ad break. Accordingly no updates for the next week or so. I will be back well in time for the […]