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Ack! and Ahh


What possessed the wardrobe department at General Hospital to dress Sam in a white tank top with a black lace bib over the front?  Where did they even find that bib in the first place?   At the complete opposite end of the scale we then had Preppy Dillon.  Preppy Dillon may have come out […]

Some notes on Monday’s GH. Oh my, was that Sam “Cry, Cry, Cry” McCall stating out loud that she had given up her entire life, independence and backbone when she moved in with Jason and that that might be a problem? Well, that was progress. Don’t think I didn’t notice the little dig at Alexis […]

Bon Voyage


Farewell Jack and Jennifer. If they were going to send you sailing off into the sunset – sorry, Bo and Hope reference – flying off to a new life, I guess there could have been worse ways to do it. Like Bo and Hope, I have little doubt that one, and likely both, will be […]

This is going to sound harsh at first, but bear with me. I am thrilled that GH’s Lulu went through with the abortion. And while I am pro-choice it’s not even my political take on the issue that makes me pleased with the decision. It’s that so often TV, and not just soaps, but all […]

And now the GH catch-up, starting with Wednesday. A few small snippets to cheer for in the morass. It’s amazing how amidst all the crap they have coming out of many of these characters mouths, they spare a scene or two to let them tell the truth as we are all seeing it, or have […]

Week o’ Days


Life has been getting in the way this week, as is its want, but it means that I’m catching up with the shows on the weekend, watching in bulk. I quite like doing that actually, because with a few days in a row you can generally find something to like to contrast with the something […]

Okay, so GH totally depressed me today (Monday) and tomorrow looks worse, so I’m going to dwell only on the superficial. Specifically that I know budgets and shooting schedules are tight, but do they really think they’re fooling anyone by sending all the women to their day jobs sporting full on party make-up and event […]