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Word Limit


I seem to recall reading years and years ago an interview with Linda Dano in which she joked that on Another World the actors used to read the scripts and argue about who got to say “hell” or “bitch” because the networks would only allow them a limited number of uses of the words and […]

(Using character names only, to protect the innocent.) Would someone please, please return Sami’s hair to its regular colour?  The platinum is horrid and makes her look old. Would the same person, or a different person – it doesn’t really matter – please cut Will’s hair?  If for no other reason than it adds a […]

Overheard in the General Hospital Veterans’ Closet (located in an unused bedroom in an unused wing of the Quartermaine mansion): NED: So, did you hear? Lulu’s pregnant. BOBBIE: Yes, your brother got my niece – NED: My step-sister. BOBBIE: – pregnant. NED: Apparently thanks to faulty condoms produced by the company I work for. BOBBIE: […]

I’m a spoiler whore, but don’t want to spoil without warning. So a discussion of the Days casting spoilers is here.

As much as we have been distressed by Kayla having to spend the two days she was on this week in this outfit… …it could have been worse. It could have been 1986… Yes, shoulder pads, purple checks, almost leg-o-mutton sleeves, and pants with horitzonal stripes.  Classic.

Dear Powers that Be at AMC, As you seem determined to persist with: 1. refusing to hire an actual steady-cam operator; and 2. telling the aftermath of Madden’s death in a way that makes it very difficult to watch Zach and Kendall, and which makes me hate Dixie – who I used to love; could […]

Over the past few days I’ve been considering, understandably I think, the current appeal of Liz and Jason on General Hospital as compared to the complete lack of appeal of Sam and Jason. The thought process went like this: I like that Liz and Jason have turned to each other and have secreted themselves away […]