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If I had the following on my agenda for my day: – go to work at my sporadically professional office – snark on my estranged husband about his inappropriate but hot new living arrangements – get fired by my sister-in-law for being a hypocritical slut (she doesn’t know the half of it!) – go home […]

This Week Loving: Di and Aidan. Liking: Remarkably enough, several things about the last few days on GH: Robin, Patrick and the HIV scare, complete with Alan and appropriate use of flashbacks. Lainie and Carly calling Sonny on his unreasonable mother worship and Maurice Bernard showing a genuine emotion for the first time in what […]

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? My head says yes. The rest of me says, in relation to Phyllis and Nick, nooooo! As a general soap opera rule my feeling is that no one or two characters should be on every day. As much as I may prefer one […]

Before providing a commentary on the Y&R Who’s the Daddy story  (preview: Nick and Phyllis are hot, Peter Bergman is a God), I offer up this purely superficial commentary in defence of the Days of Our Lives wardrobe department. The Days wardrobe department have been dressing Mary-Beth Evans in a largely unflattering manner since her […]

I am a teenager again. As a teenager in the 80s I raced home to watch Days of Our Lives, which I taped every day. Now I am racing home from work to watch Days of Our Lives on my computer. The most interesting part of that is that in this limbo before the new […]

Going, going…


These things come in threes, right? Right? Reilly: gone! McTavish: gone! Guza has to be next, right? (And not replaced by either of the above.) So I can have my show back. Please?

In my humble opinion, the three things at the heart of any soap opera are Family, Romance and Friendship. Sure there is tragedy and humour and adventure, but those are all born out of the big three. So, what I want to know is where has the friendship gone? It appears to have been lost […]